Bears That CARE (BTC) is an active bystander initiative to make our campus safer. Through interactive workshops about bystander intervention, BTC educates and empowers individuals to effectively and safely intervene in potentially harmful or violent situations. We strive to create a community of care.

Our staff is comprised of peer educators and staff facilitators. Peer educators provide workshops to student groups across campus and actively promote violence prevention through a variety of programs, while staff facilitators lead workshops for academic and student affairs departments.

All our workshops incorporate bystander intervention and community engagement.

Take Action!

You can become part of the solution in making the Berkeley community safer and more inclusive for everyone. Bystander intervention is a great tool and has the power to transform our campus.

Ready to be a leader? Excited about making change? Here’s how you can take action:

  • Request a Bears That CARE workshop for your club/organization/department/community
  • Learn the CARE Model
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