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About us

The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) at Cal is a program for students in recovery from substance use as well as those who are currently struggling with alcohol and drug use. We are a community on campus dedicated to supporting students in their recovery efforts by providing resources for recovery, health & wellness, and academic success. With these efforts, we aim to create an inclusive environment and supportive community to help students thrive at Cal and beyond.

The collegiate recovery program at Cal is open to students in all stages of recovery and recognizes there are multiple pathways to recovery. We offer a community-based approach utilizing peer support services.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the personal, academic and social success of students in or seeking recovery. In this pursuit, we aim to:

  • Foster an inclusive community for students struggling with alcohol and drug use regardless of financial, cultural, or social barriers.

  • Hold a safe space where students can create community, foster solidarity, and combat stigma attached to recovery.

  • Empower and advocate for students in recovery as a marginalized population, as a university-recognized program.

What we offer

  • On-campus recovery meetings

  • Sober social events

  • Individual and group support

  • Recovery advocacy and service opportunities

  • Harm reduction and overdose prevention tools

Contact us:

Address: 102 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720




On Campus Recovery Meetings and Resources

CRP Recovery Meetings

All Recovery, every Monday, TBD

  • A nondenominational meeting for those practicing harm-reduction, abstinence or anything in between. 
  • Remote for the summer, beginning May 23

Rotating Recovery, every Wednesday from 5-6:30 pm at 102 Sproul Hall

  • Experience different formats of recovery meetings and recovery pathways, drawing from 12-step and non-12 step programs.

Please call 510.561.8075 to be let in, if you have trouble accessing the building. Please meet at the SOUTH Doors of Sproul Hall (across from Bancroft Way).

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Social Services

Social Services at the Tang Center offers a range of alcohol and other drug-related services, supporting a spectrum of harm reduction goals for individuals and our campus community


UHS Tang Center, Social Services

2nd floor, Room 2280

2222 Bancroft Way #2280

Berkeley, CA 94720


Overdose Prevention

Naloxone Education & Availability Project

In partnership with UHS-PartySafe@Cal 

Naloxone is a medication that works almost immediately to reverse opiate overdose. It has few known adverse effects, no potential for abuse, and can be rapidly administered through intramuscular injection or nasal spray. While most professional first responders and emergency departments, including UCPD, are equipped with naloxone, they may not arrive in time to revive overdose victims.  Educated and equipped bystanders can effectively take steps to reverse an opioid overdose

UHS-PartySafe@Cal has obtained a standing order to distribute naloxone through the CDPH Naloxone Distribution Project. It provides free naloxone to students, staff and faculty who watch this Naloxone Training video and complete a brief follow up quiz. Upon quiz completion, participants will receive an email with their Naloxone Training Confirmation which they can show to obtain two (2) Narcan Nasal Sprays at:

  • UHS-Tang Center – Health Promotion on Thursdays from 1-4:30pm 
  • CRP @ 102 Sproul Hall on Wednesdays from 1-4pm

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